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Applying Singapore Loans With Us

Applying for a loan with us is fast, simple and easy.

Unlike taking up loans with other moneylenders, we let you decide the loan amount and the duration of the loan.

* Loan Amount subject to the regulation by the Ministry of Moneylender

A brand new innovative loan application process in Asia, apply now by first dragging the sliders to decide exactly how much you want to borrow and for how long. Below the sliders, you will find the full repayment amount upfront. We make it that easy for you to use and visualise!

Eligibility — Our Loan Criteria

Documents Required

borrower identity
proof of borrower income
proof of borrower residence
Proof Of Identity
Identification card
Employment Card
Proof of Income
CPF/ Income statements
Commission Letter
Proof of Residence
Property statements;
Hand Phone bills
Tenancy agreement

Please kindly provide accurate information when applying for a loan with us in Singapore. We will assess your loan application carefully before reaching a decision. On your part, do decide carefully whether our loans are suitable to your needs. If you have any reservations, please seek professional advice before applying.

How to Apply a Loan with CYS Credit

Application at our office

Alternatively, you may wish to directly drop by our office to apply for a loan on the spot. We are located at 5001 Beach Road, #01-22 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588

In order for us to assess your loan application, we require as much information as possible on your current financial standing. Thus, it is important that you provide us with all information accurately. All information provided will be kept private and confidential.

Online Application

Apply online and we commit to calling you back within 1 working day on our decision of your loan application.

However, if your loan application is successful, we still require that you drop in our office to complete your loan application.

Choose your loan amount by using the sliders.
Choose repayment date of your loan by using the sliders.
Click to apply online or visit our office click here
Online applicant will be contacted within 24 hours and are required to visit our office to complete your loan agreement.
Loan agreement in our office processing take no more than 30 min, with instant cash handed over to you.

The Costs

Interest Rate: Based on our in house packages which is also regulated by Ministry of moneylender.
Late Payment Fee: For repayments after the stipulated date.
Contract Variation: For those who extend their loans.

Obtaining your cash

– You may either apply for a loan online or visit our office

– Once approved, we will explain the terms and conditions of the loan agreement face-to-face with you. This allows us to explain the terms of the loan agreement to you as clearly as possible.

– After reading, understanding, agreement and signed your loan agreement, we will hand over the loan amount in cash.

– Yes. It is as quick, convenient and simple!

Loan Repayment

As like any other credit providers including moneylenders and banks, we take punctual repayments seriously.

Hence, if repayments are not made punctually, a late payment fee of will be imposed. An option is open to those who are unable to make repayments on the scheduled date, by taking up our Reloan Facility exclusively for existing customers only.

Basically, with a reloan, we grant you an extension of your loan but you are still required to make the payment on the loan interest. For the extension, you have to repay the principal loan amount as well as the interest for the new extension.

Repeat Customers

Repeat customers have the privilege of applying a loan with greater flexibility. Meaning which to say, we are more inclined to extend a larger loan amount for a longer loan period.

We appreciate the trust bestowed upon us if past customers wish to take up fresh loans. However, we would still like to emphasise that our loans are not catered for frequent or long-term use.

At CYS Credit, we consider our customers’ financial health before doing business. Hence, it is more company’s policy to ensure that we lend responsibly. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee that because you have taken up a loan with us previously, you will be granted another loan. Your loan application will still be subjected to the usual in-house assessment to ascertain whether you qualify for another loan with us.


Terms & Conditions
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