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There is no shame in having the need to obtain a loan to tide you across a difficult financial situation. In reality, there are many people at some point of their lives who had to borrow.

Being responsible lenders as we are, we would like to educate and share with you some considerations one has to take into account first before signing up for a loan.

1. Is it really necessary for you to take up a loan?

2. Can you approach your family or friends for a loan instead?

3. Do you understand the terms of the loan you are taking up?

4. Are you financially capable of servicing the loan and its interest?

5. Is the loan period sufficient a time for you to repay?

6. Will you face any difficulties paying back punctually, bearing in mind that there will be late fees imposed if you do not?

7. Can you find a better interest rate elsewhere?

8. Is the licensed moneylender trustworthy in handling your personal information?


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